“Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child open up himself to life”.

Army Public School kamptee aims at the all-round development of every student. Every child is unique with idiosyncratic abilities, personality traits, interests and values. Hence, we aim to formulate a curriculum plan that caters to the developmental needs of every student. One major benefit of holistic development in the early years is the opportunities it provides for children to engage with the natural world. By allowing children the freedom to explore, they are able to examine how their academic topics or activities fits into the real-life everyday experiences. Through our Academic Curriculum Planner and HPD planner we aim to identify strengths and weaknesses of all students and provide them assistance to develop multiple facets and potential of human brain so that each one of our students is able to find his or her unique place in the world. The goal of this HPD planner is to cultivate and develop every child's physical, emotional, moral, social, psychological, and spiritual attributes. Thus, providing our pupil learning environment and opportunities that are personalized to every child's skills, abilities and feelings.